We are “makers” at heart, and our intent is to design, share, and collaborate around creative endeavors.

Bennett Innovations

In all aspects of school-life at Bennett Day, we are guided by a mission to advance innovation, creativity, leadership, and lifelong learning. We are a community of educators who create out of a need for new resources in the field of education, and here Bennett Innovations functions as our in-house R & D program. We are “makers” at heart, and our intent is to design, share, and collaborate around creative endeavors. 


Story Dealer

The creative line of storytelling card decks known as Story Dealer™ currently include three sets, with more on the way!

The 50 cards that comprise the STEM/STEAM set are designed to inspire open-ended tales in themes of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics. Clever card-suits with colorful gears spell out the 5Ws: Who?  What?  Where? When? and Why? These choices foster inquiry-based learning, creative writing programs, curiosity, and critical thinking skills. Charming water-color robots, labs, habitats, clock-faces, space themes, and seasonal details are sure to inspire. 

Our DIY Maker-Set is similar, yet we omitted the illustrations to allow your children to create their own cards in the suits of Who? What? Where? When? and Why?. This DIY Maker-Set was inspired by many creative children in our beta-testing group who remarked that they too would like to make a deck of Story Dealer™ cards. Enjoy! 

Special thanks to artist Melodie Hrabe for helping us bring our student-inspired images to life!

About Bennett Day School

At Chicago’s Bennett Day School we offer innovative progressive education to help build knowledge, understanding, and compassion. We are a school with a vision of students as dreamers, innovators, tinkerers, creators, and storytellers. Our Story Dealer™ cards are thoughtfully designed to be a dynamic resource for our learners...and for yours. Proceeds from Story Dealer™ cards help to fund our grants and scholarship program. Resources from STORY DEALER™  are now invested back into our school community, facility, and stakeholders.