How does the DIY Maker-Set compare to the STEM/STEAM cards?

Both decks include 50 playing cards. The colorful card-back patterns are the same, to enable the card decks to be intermixed if desired. Each DIY Maker-Set card includes its 5Ws color suit (spelled out on colorful gears) Who?, What?, Where? When? and Why? However, the DIY Maker-Set is without illustrated details, so your children can make their own drawings.

What type of markers are best for illustrating the DIY Maker-Set cards?

Permanent markers are recommended to draw illustrations onto the blank cards, so the ink will remain on the cards, and will not smear off if/when they are touched by wet fingers.

What happens to the proceeds created by the sale of Story Dealer™ cards?

All proceeds from Story Dealer™ cards go to our grants and scholarship program.

Where can I find Story Dealer™ cards in person?

Story Dealer™ cards will be on sale at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair on Navy Pier.

When do children begin to ask questions, and what ages can Story Dealer™ cards be used to help with questions and storytelling?

Although children from 0-3 begin asking questions and making personal inquiries, Story Dealer™ cards are best for children who are old enough to begin card-playing activities and simple drawing tasks. There is no upper age-limit for our STEM/STEAM deck or our DIY Maker-Set, since Story Dealer™ decks are fun for all card-playing individuals. Playing card games together is fun and can be beneficial for children, teens, adults, seniors, and the whole family.

Are there any images of weaponry in this STEM/STEAM deck?  

No. Providing interesting story conflicts, without images of weaponry, was one of our primary goals in the design process. The illustrations are intentionally good-humored and fun.

What are some of the STEM/STEAM themes found in the illustrated set?

Illustrations include: a science lab, scientist, beakers, seasons, habitats, tech tools, water-wheel, wind-mill, solar panel, train tressel, space travel, dramatic stage, music, dance, artist’s palette, and interesting robots galore!