Story Dealer™ is an engaging, fun, and dynamic way to learn and play. But don't just take our word for it.

I have used the Story Dealer cards three times so far, once with a 3rd grade student and twice with a 4th grade student. First of all, my students love the cards. As a therapist, I love how flexible the deck is. Once, we dealt 5 cards to each person and each took turns telling a story with our cards. Another time I dealt 10 cards to the 4th grader and encouraged her to take time to think about what WH question cards she would like to have that she was missing. Then, she was allowed to trade in 3 cards before creating her story. I experimented with holding students to using exactly what was on the cards as well as agreeing to let them run with their creativity - both were really fun. The Story Dealer deck would be a wonderful addition to any therapist's toolbox.
Stacey Buck, Speech-Language Pathologist

Story Dealer is engaging for all ages. It allows for creative storytelling and for imaginations to tell a variety of tales. It never gets boring

- Jen W. Mom

It is crucial in teaching STEM and STEAM  to young students that they be allowed to wonder, have creativity encouraged and have their curiosity celebrated.  As a teacher, I appreciate how Storydealer allows them to integrate STEM thinking and vocabulary with language arts concepts.  As a parent, I love watching my four-year-old tell stories about robots, rockets and chemistry.

- Zak T. Tinkering and Engineering Sciences Teacher and Father
I was amazed to see Story Dealer transform even the most reserved students into gregarious story-tellers. As each student told a story, the rest of the class was hanging on their every word.  Kids just light up, and the ideas start pouring out.  Each card is a little world unto itself and when kids combine them the possibilities are truly endless.
- Peter G. Music Teacher